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Recommended Browsing: Websites on Getting Pregnant

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Recommended Browsing: Websites on Getting Pregnant

These days, the first place we turn to for information on any topic seems to be the internet. It’s certainly quicker than driving to a library or book store (or worse yet, waiting for an Amazon book to ship), and you have an almost endless variety of sources. Of course, the potential problem also lies within that variety, because all websites are not created equal. When it comes to an important topic like pregnancy, you want to be sure of your sources. With that thought in mind, here are some great sites for your recommended reading to start your online research on the topic of how to get pregnant. As a general rule of thumb, you know you can trust a site with a “dot-gov” ending on its address. This site, sponsored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (specifically, their Office on Women’s Health) lays out an easy-to-navigate section that covers all the basics for pregnancy, as well as pregnancy planning. The site offers links and government-created PDF documents covering topics ranging from pre-pregnancy planning and trying to get pregnant to information on the pregnancy and its culmination in childbirth. The menu bar at the left-hand side of the screen allows you to select your topic, and every page on the site includes lists of resources. Created on the basic premises of the popular book (“What to Expect When You’re Expecting”), this site offers not only informational goodies, but also the chance to network and interact with other people who are trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, and who are moms. You can join groups, browse blogs, connect with other members, upload photos, and engage in contests and give-aways. In addition to all those opportunities, you can look up information on the “Preconception” tab of the top menu bar for loads of information about fertility, family planning, and getting pregnant. This is a site that will grow with you, thanks to its broad appeal to moms from all over, and its informational pages not only on Preconception, but also on Pregnancy, First Year, and Toddler. Hosted by the American Pregnancy Association, this site offers a free weekly newsletter by email, discussion forums for members, a continually updated blog on related topics, and pages upon pages of articles and information related to pregnancy and fertility. The menu at the left side of the page offers direction to the various topics (including “getting pregnant”), as well as an interactive ovulation calendar and other tools. After you get pregnant, the “pregnancy week-by-week” feature allows you to enter your due date and receive customized updates every week to tell you about your baby’s growth and development—a fun feature for every pregnant mom. The site also touches on tough issues like infertility, adoption, complications and prenatal testing, and even paternity testing. It’s a reliable and reputable source for all things pregnancy-related. Sponsored by the reputable publishers of “Fit Pregnancy” magazine (among others), this site offers a variety of articles on the subject of getting pregnant, along with a number of computer tools. You can use their interactive ovulation calculator, due date calendar, and pregnancy calendar as well as signing up for information feeds by Facebook, Twitter, or RSS feed. The menu bar across the top of the site offers a wide array of topics, including pre-pregnancy and pregnancy information, labor and delivery, nutrition and exercise, motherhood and baby, and offers for free baby items.

Among the websites listed above, you should be able to find all the information you need on the topic of getting pregnant.