What to Drink to Get Pregnant

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What to Drink to Get Pregnant

If you are looking to boost your chances of getting pregnant, there are a number of approaches to take which can enhance your chances. Addressing your nutritional needs, particularly if you have an aversion to swallowing pills or vitamins, can be accomplished by drinking nutritional and fertility boosting teas. If you’re wondering what to drink to get pregnant, here are some suggestions.

There are a number of fertility boosting teas which are available both through online sellers like Amazon, and in health food stores or natural food stores. Fertility teas often contain some of the natural herbs which affect your body’s natural production of reproductive hormones, stimulating ovulation and maximizing your body’s readiness for pregnancy. There are several natural herbs which have been used for centuries in various cultures for this precise purpose, and today’s medical science community has confirmed their effectiveness by identifying the specific chemical compounds contained in those herbs. In many cases, those chemicals are similar (or even exactly the same) as the compounds contained in prescription medications which have been engineered for the same purpose. You could get a prescription from your doctor to regulate your menstrual cycle, stimulate ovulation, and enhance your body’s production of reproductive hormones—or you can achieve the exact same effects naturally, by drinking herbal teas containing these leaves and herbs.

Commonly used herbs which can be found in fertility boosting teas include chasteberry, also known as vitex, which directly affects your hormone production, and in turn causes your ovaries to release eggs for fertilization. Drinking chasteberry tea is very similar, in its effects, to taking a prescription drug like Clomid, which is often prescribed to stimulate ovulation and create a more regular menstrual cycle for optimal opportunities to get pregnant. Other herbs that are useful in enhancing fertility—and which can often be found in teas designed to promote fertility—include leaves from red raspberry plants, leaves from nettle plants, leaves from peppermint plants, lady’s mantle, and green tea. As a matter of fact, even green tea itself can be used to boost fertility. Clinical studies have shown a measurable increase in fertility in women who drink several glasses of green tea—either hot or cold—on a daily basis.

Just as important as the suggestions of what you can drink to help get you pregnant is the question of what not to drink when you are trying to get pregnant. Alcohol is definitely off the list, as it can not only create a hazard for the development of your baby, but also decreases your fertility, making it more difficult to get pregnant in the first place. Caffeine, too, should be avoided, as it can drastically reduce your fertility. Any amount of caffeine above a couple cups of coffee in a day will likely have a negative effect on your ability to conceive.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you might also want to look into drinks for your male partner, which can boost his fertility. Like you, he should be eliminating alcohol and cutting back on caffeine while the two of you are trying to conceive. And like you, he can be drinking teas which can boost his fertility. The components of his tea will be different from yours, of course, and will likely contain herbs like yohimbe bark, which naturally boosts his production of testosterone, which in turn boosts his sperm count. If each of you avoid the drinks which can inhibit your combined fertility, and add the herbal tea which can enhance each of your individual fertility, you are likely to find yourselves pregnant in short order.