Kate Middleton Pregnancy Possibilities

Posted by on May 10, 2012 in Celebrities and Pregnancy |

It seems to be the fate of every newly married celebrity girl that she will have to endure constant public speculation about the state of her tummy (or rather, what might be incubating there) from her wedding day until whatever time she actually has a child. Multiply that likelihood by several more factors when the celebrity girl in question has married the heir to a powerful nation’s throne, and you have the dilemma Kate Middleton was bound to face when she married England’s Prince William last year. It may just be, however, that she won’t be having to endure years of ongoing gossip and speculation. She and Will may have already accomplished the mission.

Of course, seasoned celebrity watchers know better than to break out the pink and blue cigars at the first sign of a tabloid headline claim of pregnancy, but even those who usually call for caution on sightings of celebrity “baby bumps” are admitting that there’s something worth noting in the vicinity of Kate’s midsection. It may or may not be a baby bump; the thing is that no one can tell because she has been so consistently positioning both hands and a clutch purse in front of her midsection in every recent public appearance. It is that fact, in conjunction with the pleated cut of some of her recent wardrobe choices (not usually a Kate style) that has people wondering.

Perhaps more telling than either of those facts, however, is the fact that the style icon is letting the grey roots show in her thick brown (and usually impeccably colored) hair. Many women avoid chemicals like hair dyes when they know themselves to be pregnant, and when a constantly photographed and consistently stylish young woman goes public with grey, the fact speaks volumes.

The curious public has been minutely examining every photograph of her every recent appearance, and the intrigue and interest seem to grow as she continues to coyly hide her midsection whenever the cameras are in range. Knowing that she must be aware of the speculation, and that a simple plain view of a very flat belly could put rumors to rest, the continued coyness is intriguing to royal watchers, to say the least.

It is common for couples (celebrities as well as the rest of us) to wait at least a couple months after learning of a pregnancy before announcing it to the world at large. The first trimester is the most risky, with the great majority of all miscarriages happening in early weeks, so it is widely considered “safe” to announce a pregnancy around the three-month mark. For most people this isn’t a problem, given how little a baby grows in size during that first trimester—but then, few people in the world are photographed as often as Middleton. Of course, there is no shame in announcing a pregnancy ahead of that milestone, but that choice carries with it the risk of having to share the public knowledge and talk on the subject if the early pregnancy were to terminate after an announcement.

Due to recent changes in the British laws of succession, the first child of Kate and Prince William will become the third heir to the throne (behind William himself, and his father Prince Charles ahead of him) regardless of gender. The line of succession no longer favors males over females, so any baby of this couple will supersede Prince Harry in the succession. Whether that baby is already on the way—well, the entire waiting public will just have to keep waiting until Kate either puts down her purses or makes an announcement.